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Updated: Jun 30, 2012 by marcelobotta
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Release Notes

First release of the code, 31/01/2012

Kinect Panorama Viewer
Author: Marcelo Botta
who knows absolutely nothing about coding

This code has been created using the Microsoft Beta Kinect SDK
for research and educational purposes.
While much of it is has been written custom, many snippets have also
been borrowed, used, or inspired from other tutorials, namely
Balboa Park Kinect Panorama Viewer by Joshua Hicks,
Skeletal Viewer coding samples which came with the Kinect SDK,
and Yolanda Olmedo (gestures reading)

This program requires the full Kinect SDK drivers.
They can be found at the following addresses:
Official Kinect SDK:

Some features didn't worked for my fresh Windows Seven instalation until
Visual Studio was installed

- GUI!!! this needs it so bad...
- Error handling (at least when kinect is nos connected!)
- maybe one hand can be used to drag and the other to move cursor around
- right click gesture
- review wheel gestures to something fancier (step forward is ok, but step backwards is not natural)
- work with ratios instead of fixed lenghts for death zones and direction detection
- multiple skeleton interface? hmm... not sure. maybe to try and see what happens
- gesture to unengage system
- restVar implementation, to set a center area where there's no movement
- down gesture needs a timer to begin moving, so you don't move pano down when start a, let's say, right movement